Ultra Stunt Danger Academy
USDA: Unsafe For Human Consumption
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Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots Dave
Bike Jousting Dave
Daytime Danger Mist Zone Dave, Haley

Town Aesthetic:
Town Frontage
(signs, lights, etc..)
Heidi, Haley
Danger Mission Box (tentative) Haley

Roving Activities:
Random Hug Patrol Haley
Arbitrary Regulation Brigade Jerry
Disco Dan's Mobile Disco Dave, Heidi
Greeting Dave, Haley

Propane Soccer Danny
Propane Refill/Perimeter
Goalie Suit?
Vortex/Smoke Rings Danny/Dave

Electrical Dave
Dome Romeo
Dome Covering Jeanie
Shower/Evaporation Pond Danny?

Projects Under Consideration:
Tesla Coil? Disco Dan
Shocking Bikes Disco Dan

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Ultra Stunt Danger Academy, 2010

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