Album: Album:2006-04-06 Smoke-Ring-Machine

Project: A smoke ring machine
State: Complete. Test run.

We finally got around to finishing the Smoke Ring Machine, and Danny, Romeo and I tested it out. It worked better than expected.

Romeo (our photographer)
tries to eat the pilot light.
Perhaps we need
to find some new help?
We find a secluded test site,
behind Sutro Baths. There's a tunnel in the cliffs right above the bathhouse ruins.
And through the top secret tunnel test lab
is our boulder covered cove, surrounded by cliffs. (Helps avoiding scaring the locals from thinking there's a 911 emergency)
Setting up the machine Head engineer and physicist Our makeshift base. Setting the pilot light
Initial firing
(and the beginning of a flame burst)
And now the gasoline. Fire in the hole! Time to mix in oil
for the smoke.
A good blast [animated] A quick blast,
no smoke this time.
[animated] We create a smoke ring! A blow-out
(no ignition, sadly)
An interesting
double fireball.
A smoke ring Smoke ring dissipating Another burst,
just as the bottom of the fuel spray is catching fire.
I check out the view from afar,
this is Romeo at the test site.
A blast at a distance. The smoke ring forms. And starts to climb.
It starts to twist w.. was about my level. [animated] Danny created an animation
using a bunch of the frames of the ring.
[Video, 5M] Danny fires
and gets a nice ring, birds fly over head, angels sing.
[Video, 1M] I fire the machine
and get a beautiful smoke ring.
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