Album: Album:2005-12-20 Flamezooka

Project: Remote-lit Propane Vortex Ring (Flamezooka)
State: Complete

Our work with the smoke ring machine led us to the "Airzooka" - a very silly toy that lets you shoot people with vortex rings from a distance.

We thought it would be interest to fill the airzooka cavity with propane, then launch a vortex ring of propane at a pilot light, causing an aimed ring of fire.

Potential uses:

  • Creating remote flame rings in bonfires
  • Stop-smoking campaign

It was rather difficult (like most fast-moving fire effects) to catch on film, but here is a small taste of what we created.

The ring vortex source,
this silly toy called the airzooka.
A strangely firing ring The start of a ring
ends up looking like a ball of fire on film
A ring starting to catch fire
Just after the start,
the overexposure flash starts to lessen and you can start to see the center of the ring.
A ring catching fire
initially on the top.
A ring forming Side shot of ring
Great head-on shot of ring
Full video of experiments
Slow-motion of the a small ring
from the side [click again to see animation]
A ghostly ring,
head-on [click again to see animation]
[click again to see animation]
A big blast ring
[click again to see animation]
A ring
diving into the ground
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