Lumerian Tribe

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Out of the darkness your eyes are drawn to a rainbow of sparkling colors radiating from a silver sphere. The sphere is a beacon, suspended from a pyramid, which seems to hover 17 feet off the ground. Only now do you realize, the pyramid, which seemed to float, now sits atop a silver dune, the Lumerian Goddess Temple, which seems to rise out of the playa.

Your curiosity carries you closer onto the Tribal Grounds as you wonder, What is inside? As you enter the temples foyer, curtains gently blow in the breeze. As you prepare to enter into the sacred and majestic space you remove your shoes.

You have now entered the Lumerian Goddess Temple.

A 32-foot diameter geodesic dome provides the structure of the temple. The interior is decorated in Bedouin fashion with full-length silky burgundy, gold, and lace drapery flowing around the interior temple walls. You are struck by the beauty of these holy surroundings. The temple air is perfused with incense and scented oils. Heavenly, and sometimes tribal, music fills the senses and intoxicates the mind. An altar has been prepared for you with love and thoughtfulness. Pillows of all shapes and sizes have been arranged around the perimeter of the temple floor, enticing you to relax and be comfortable. At the top of the ceiling a mirror ball catches the subtle light and casts a mesmerizing glow. The atmosphere is feminine and peaceful.

As you leave our cozy temple, once again aware of your own power and magnificence, you tune in on what appears to be the joyous screams of children on a playground. You flash back to images of your childhood and how simple it was to be amused. Suddenly, as a mirage, two robots loom before you. It's Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots, from your youth, but this time they're big enough to knock your block off. You climb into the boxing ring and into the Blue Bomber, suddenly you've become an 8-foot tall robot fighting machine. Your trusty companion (oh, I forgot to mention, you have a trusty companion with you) grabs hold of the steering controls outside the ring, while two combatants gear up in the Red Rocker. The hot arena lights pound down on you while the crowd cheers you on. You hear the bell ring, and the fight is on!

As you leave the place of battle, no worse for wear, you notice a giant flaming vortex reaching toward the heavens.

The gleaming silver Singularity Machine is a 25' marvel of machinery that serves as the cradle for towering yellow-orange vortexes of fire. The fire represents a possible model for the path of time as it speeds toward a singularity. A colossal column of flame is produced as burning fuel is introduced into a cauldron of swirling air generated by the machine's three rings of powerful fans. The shining metal skins glow with the reflection of the amazing spectacle above: tightly twisted coils of spinning fire, licking at the sapphire skies of empyreal night.

What more could you ask for in one evening?