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Understanding the metaphorical story of our tribe is crucial to understanding what we are up to as a theme camp.

The Lumerian Tribe

Created and named after a mythological legend, the Lumerians, or dolphin tribe, was a lost civilization dating back to 23,000 B.C. The legend tells of great and highly evolved beings with powers of Gods and Goddesses who existed in what is now the ocean around the Hawaiian Islands. At the height of their glory they were known as magical, enlightened, playful and sensual beings who had the ability of bringing the divine good....or God, out in each other. As time went on, this civilization became too structured, too permanent and lost much of it's playful and magical qualities. All agreed to disappear for a season to rest and regroup, until time would call them back once more.

In a cataclysmic event, they were sunk, along with their cities. Using their magical and divine abilities the Gods and Goddesses became creatures of the sea, whales, dolphins, mermaids and mermen.

Lost to man for thousands of years, this tribe is said to have completely physically vanished....without a trace. Meanwhile, the Lumerians began to be lost unto themselves and forgetting their own greatness, vanished in other ways. The knowledge of themselves was buried within them, in the sea, waiting for the time when they would begin to awaken and remember.

As we enter into this new age of spiritual awakening, we begin to see glimpses of the Lumerian power and influence that has begun to emerge out of the darkness of the depths of the sea. We, the emerging Lumerian tribe, have begun to awaken, remember and gather together again as bringers of light and wisdom. Just like the legend of the Lumerians, many people today have forgotten their true and divine nature long since buried within them.

In our Lumerian Goddess Temple, that we have so beautifully created, we offer thoughtfully designed ceremonies and rites of passage for those ready to don the mantle of their true power and magnificence.

Using props, rituals, and language as tools to give permission, awaken memory and encourage self-expression, we offer the opportunity to accept, acknowledge and embrace the beautiful and divine God/ Goddess within, allowing transformation. These rites of passage are not for just anyone. It takes desire and some effort on the part of the participant to let go of that which would otherwise make this impossible and unavailable to them. We have had the opportunity to see this work and to experience what this can make available for people. It truly can make a profound difference.

Our contribution to Burning Man is the gift of empowerment, freedom and self-expression. Our activities are divided into five categories. We offer:

  • Workshops for knowledge
  • Spiritual Nourishment for nurturing and wisdom
  • Day/Night chill for rest, prayer and meditation
  • Ceremonies for empowerment
  • Dancing for self-expression

In the tradition of our tribe, we have recreated the light-hearted playfulness, the innocence of sensuality and the magic of our ancestors. As a tribe, we are committed to creating possibility for others and to make a difference in our world!

Come play with us.

In our beautiful Lumerian Goddess Temple, we offer rituals, ceremonies, and rites of passage, designed to awaken and reveal the God/Goddess within, creating empowerment, freedom, and self-expression. We are also home to the "Pillar of Fire" and "Rock-em Sock-em Robots". - Dave's Domain hub.
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