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Townies - here is our todo list before Burning Man!

If you can take on any of these projects, please contact Dave to make sure someone else isn't doing it.

Btw - at the event I will need 5 or so volunteers for 2-3 hours every night starting Wednesday to run the Robots. This is how we got Esplanade space, so I am hoping for help from everyone!

If it costs any money, check the price with Dave first, unless you're willing to take on the cost yourself. (If we have any town dues, we'll split it amongst those who have purchased items).

Main Tasks / To Find

  • Build town front gate. [heidi may be doing this?] (See frontage)
  • Collect frontage supplies:
    • 1000' caution tape. [romeo, haley]
    • glow necklaces [stacey 200?, dave 2000]
    • 200-300 Glow sticks (if you find cheap LED headlights, the town could use some) [jordan 50]
    • 50' more of non-blinking orange christmas lights [jen has 150']
    • ground spotlight for entryway [dave has 1]
    • non-blinking white christmas lights (for communal space) [dave has 80', jordan 160']
    • 200' Fake barbed wire [dave]
    • 150 bamboo gardening 4' stakes [romeo?]
  • Build the mobile strippers pole (I have some of the parts, this will likely require welding - it's an upside down tripod, it opens somewhat like an umbrella)
  • Create/find/buy danger signs for frontage. [heidi, jen]
  • Get one or two 5 pound fire extinguishers (ABC) (or borrow from someone's house?)

Propane Soccer Tasks

  • Gather 4-6 propane tanks (21lb/5gal) (craigslist usually has them for $5-$10) [joel]
  • Find a cheap (<$100) mini freezer (not fridge) that can fit propane tanks
    (This would require internal dimensions greater than 18"+ x 12" x 12", but preferably not full-sized)
  • Build propane campfire from piping [danny might have this covered]
  • Make heavily insulated carrier for single propane tank.
  • Make some propane soccer balls (towels and wire - stainless??)
  • Goalie suit + face protection/goggles/hair protection

Other tasks

  • Get round stickers from office depot and print out U.S.D.A. logo stickers
    (contact me about getting the graphic)
  • Build danger mission box
  • Build danger mailbox (needs to have switch on opening with large flash and speaker).
  • Megaphone [cynthia]
  • Safety flashlight batons (such as) [dave]
  • Official looking uniforms:
    • Orange safety vests [dave 25, cynthia 25]
    • Hard hats (white/yellow) [jerry 6, cynthia 25
    • White jumpsuits [jerry 25, cynthia 25]

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