Album: Album:2005-11-07 Smoke-Ring-Machine

Project: A smoke ring machine
State: Mostly finished. In testing

We're building a mini smoke ring machine inspired by the smoke rings we saw at Burning Man. We plan on "kicking it up a notch" after we get the technology down.

We blasted a few test blasts at Danny's house (propane propellant only, no fuel/oil mixture).

His neighbor's were unhappy about that, and we needed to have a talk with the police about it. Next tests at Dave's house!

The smoke ring machine Dave demonstrates improper valve usage. An initial quick blast
[click again to see animation]
Flamethrower style
[click again to see animation]
Higher pressure.
A bigger burst. [click again to see animation]
The beginnings of a ring.
[click again to see animation]
A quick glimpse
of a ring forming [click again to see animation]
A big blast
with quick glimpse of a ring at the end [click again to see animation]
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